Gold and Silver Mining Claim - $10,000 (Morristown)

Where will you survive World War 3? The same place the Matthews, Williams, Hastings, Thompson, and Harding families survived World War 1 and World War 2. Willow Springs Creek on the San Domingo Spring and Gold Belt.

These families lived on and worked these claims by hand through WW1 and WW2. During WW1, these were called the "Kiaser Doom #1," and "Kiaser Doom #2."

come take a look and see how much better you will fare here if "TEOTWAWKI" hits and you have to bug out.

The placer gold claim offered here is a 40 acre placer mining claim: Hidden Springs #1; AZ105260883. The claim is in Section 24, Township 7 North, Range 4 West. This claim is situated in the SE1/4 NW 1/4 SEC24 T7N R4W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian, Arizona. It is approximately 5.5 miles Southeast of Wickenburg by way the crow flies, and 5.5 miles North of Morristown. This claim lies 3 miles South of the active Carson mine, 2 miles Northeast of the Hansen pit, and 1 mile Northeast of our Golden Dragon mine and 5.3 miles West of the Active Trilby Pit.

This claim lies directly on a main portion of the major lode trend that has supplied a large portion of the placer gold in the legendary San Domingo and Little San Domingo (also known as LSD) placer strikes. It is also less than 1 mile from club claims where nuggets weighing up to 11 ounces have been found, and on the same alluvial flow where I have personally found nuggets up to 1/4 ounce.

When I was younger, on one of our neighbor mine owner "Old Man Thompson's", last trips out before he passed away (Easter of 1976), he showed me nuggets he obtained on an adjacent claim with a metal detector (a now prehistoric Fisher) that weighed up to 7 ounces. This claim is in a rich area indeed. This claim is less than 1 mile upstream from a patented 40 acres containing Brill Dam. Brill Dam has been there since the late 1800's, and was originally constructed to work placer gold in the San Domingo Placer Belt. This claim is also 3 miles North of two extremely rich 40 acre patented gold placer claims where old man Goode made his fortune. This claim also lies Southwest of five lode claims patented in the very early 1900's (1903 to 1909), and just South of the famous patented Monarch Mine. Many patented claims are merely base metal patents. These are gold lode patents.

There are 3 access routes to this claim. The main trail in can be traversed by a seasoned desert rat in a 2WD high clearance pickup or SUV, but 4WD is recommended for those less experienced. Wide, all season tires are recommended for loose sand.

The old 1880's Wickenburg to Phoenix Stage Line Road runs just East of this claim and the ruins of several of the old stage stops can still be seen along this route, along with numerous ruins of old miners cabins. The ruins of "Martian" Mary's cabin are near this claim in the San Domingo(only someone who had been around as long as I would know who "Martian" Mary was, or that she even lived there).

The Hidden Springs #1 mining claim has been tested, and it is one of the better claims in the area.

Other gemstones, lapidary rough, and salable mineral specimens to be found on the claim include agatized opal, picture jasper (most mines sell good quality picture jasper rough for 10 to 20 dollars a pound), chalcedony, zoisite, corundum, calcium carbonate, fluorescent minerals, Epidote, beautiful pegmatite associated gemstones such as Moonstone and Red sunstone that I have sold online for over three dollars a carat (That's OVER SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS PER POUND, and there are HUNDREDS OF POUNDS ON THE claim!!!); Ametrine, Bright green Rainbow Jade, Smoky Quartz, Harlequin Quartz, Tangerine Quartz, Lepidolite, Fuchsite, Chlorargyrite (Silver), Mica; rare Pegmatite minerals such as Lithium and associated minerals ; Gold and Silver minerals in Quartz, Black Schorl Tourmaline, Tourmalated Quartz,and REAL GEM HEMATITE (not the man made "Hemalyke" that is generally sold as real Hematite. If your "Hematite" has a conchoidal fracture, then it is the manmade "Hemalyke", and not the far more rare natural Gem Hematite)! All a person would need to do to recover their purchase price on this claim is simply gather, cut, cab, and sell a few pounds of any one of the varieties of gemstone found on this claim. After that, THE GOLD IS GRAVY!! As a matter of fact, almost any gemstone or mineral found on several hundred acres of the world famous San Domingo placer belt can be found on this claim.

In the test results pictured here, I worked a total of 3 five gallon buckets of material from the listed claim. A good amount of coarse untraveled crystalline gold, and possibly platinum bearing hematite, barite, scheelite (tungsten silicate), corundum, and bismuth was found. Recent analysis of placer concentrates from a nearby placer operation we were permitting indicate substantial amounts of the rare earth elements Cerium and Lanthunum (these REE'S are contained in Monozite, which concentrate well with gold), as well as Cobalt, Copper, Gallium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Niobium, Tantalum, Strontium, Vanadium, Tungsten, Yttrium, and Zinc. All of the gold in the pictures below, came from JUST 3 five gallon BUCKETS OF DIRT!!!!! That means that there is possibly 14.67 times this amount in a yard of material from this claim.

This is a mining claim. A mining claim is for the mineral rights on the property. The Federal Government owns the actual property. The mining claim would give you the right to any minerals on the property, not the actual property.

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