Started Pullets (Young Laying Hens) - $9 (Fletcher, Ohio)

Started Pullets (Young Laying Hens) …….$9.00 each (minimum 10)
Our birds are known for their calm demeanor and are great production layers.
17-weeks-old (usually start laying at 21-22 weeks)

Put your reservation in NOW...multiple pick-up dates available in Fletcher, Ohio:
• June 20th, 4-7pm
• August
• September

Hyline Brown (brown egg laying breeds similar to Golden Comet)
Fully vaccinated and beaks trimmed.

Instructions: simply text us your first and last name, quantity desired, and month desired and we'll respond with confirmation that your name is on the list. Thanks!

Lost Creek Farms


We love our birds! They are great egg layers and very friendly.

The ones we got last fall are fantastic. They are egg laying machines. Through winter 85 to 90 percent daily production!

Hi Tim! Just fyi......we LOVE the chickens we got from you! Good layers and super sweet! They come to me every time I go out there to get pets and be held! Thanks again!

Your chickens are performing really well for us. Still laying every day. So we will definitely want some if we.can get more.

They are top notch hens.. no doubt.. there genetics and temperment are excellent!

I’ve been impressed with the ones we got in February. They come out of the gate running...it’s like they skipped the pullet egg size phase.

Just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with these pullets. I have never had a group that calmed down after the move like this group. Cleaned pens yesterday and couldn't keep them from underfoot. Got first egg last Sunday which was day 15 and today have 24. I will be ordering more this fall so please keep me in mind.

These are the friendliest chickens and they are laying like crazy! I love em! I will definitely get more chickens in the future! I’ve had chickens for 13 years and these are just great!

I bought 12 hens from you about a year ago and a tornado destroyed our hen house two nights ago and we found all 12 chickens in the dark and in the rain and they were all wet and yesterday they laid 8 eggs out of 12 in a makeshift coop! I can’t believe it! These hens are tough. I’ve never seen a batch of hens like this ever! And today they laid 12 eggs!

I got those hens from you last year. They are the best hens, still laying.

I’m extremely please with the last round of hens I bought from you I can’t believe how well they are growing and laying!!!

All prices based on pick-up in Fletcher, Ohio.
Call us for freight prices to your farm (high-volume only).

Call us for all your volume laying hen needs! With multiple suppliers and many satisfied customers, we will try to get you what you want when you want it.

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