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These fur babies need a home that will love and care for them. Each of them either are a special needs (senior or feral) or have been with us for some time and have some quirks that people keep looking past them to others.

Pumpkin- young lab/terrier mix, sweet as can be, likes other dogs prefers submissive ones, has a lot of energy, will love someone to walk with regularly, we are unsure about cats but she is great with kids. She is still with us because she has some separation anxiety. She does not like a crate. Pumpkin was a stray that was found on the streets of Detroit. For someone who is home more often than gone she will be a great addition. Having a friend for her to play with would definitely be helpful.

Lilly- young terrier mix, she is an energetic three legged girl. She is super anxious when you meet her and can give off the wrong impression of herself. She barks and is hyper when you first meet her, but once she is settled she lays around and loves belly rubs. People over look her because of her missing leg and her first impression. But she truly loves people and the missing leg does not inhibit her in any way. She gets along with kid (probably older ones due to her energy) and dogs. She may play a little rough with cats, her foster is teaching her how to behave properly with them if you continue it she will do well with them.

Pierre- a young boxer lab mix. He is energetic when you meet him and when he is in a crate and you are home, but once the house is settled he settles. He loves to sleep at the end of the bed and on top of your feet when you are working. He will run and play with the best of them though. He is always a happy boy. He loves his food and his canine friends we are unsure about feline though.

Sprite- a young chihuahua mix. She is a small breed but bigger than most chis. Sprite is NOT a cuddle dog. She literally will sleep on the end of the bed and come to you occasionally for attention but she will not sit on your lap and relax. Sprite would love a friend to run around outside with but is pretty independent for a dog.

Oscar is a year old terrier mix. He is a larger dog. Oscar needs some manners but is working on them. He is eager to please. He spent his entire life on a 3 ft chain or in a crate until he came to us. He can be a little overbearing to some dogs until he knows when to stop. He is a great dog and will be an amazing pet to whomever gives him a chance. He is also working out the testosterone after neuter.

Garland- a young dalmation cattle dog. She is good with kids, dogs and cats. She is as sweet as they come. Garland came to us with her babies. They have been adopted and mom is left to find her forever home. Garland is house trained, crate trained and knows sit. She needs a home that will love her.

Annabella- a young terrier mix. She spent all of her life prior to us outside fending for herself. She has a docked tail due to frost bite but she doesn’t mind her little nub of a tail wags all the time. Annabelle needs someone that will show her that outside is not bad. She hates the cold so needs to be escorted outside when she needs to go. Annabelle has been great since the weather changed and doesn’t need so much confirmation that you are not going to leave her out there to freeze.

Diamond- a young terrier, she was bred a lot. She came in with Annabelle, Brandi and Rocki. She spent way too much time outside for a dog. She loves her humans. Diamond is a little scared at first but once she knows you are not going to hurt her she will not leave your side. She does not run off or destroy the house when you are gone. She HATES a crate, will do anything to get out. She has only one full canine tooth because she has broken the others attempting to escape the crates.

Juniper- a young adult toy terrier/jack Russell mix. She was left outside with her kids a lot with little human interaction or socialization. Juniper is shy at first give her 20 minutes she will love up to any female, males it takes her a little longer to warm up to. She is house trained, not a huge fan of a crate so we do not make her go in one. She is dog, cat and kid friendly.

Bells- adult terrier/bulldog mix. She was bred and bred until her girl parts were coming out. This poor girl has been through so much. She is loving though. She loves to go for walks and car rides. She is great with other dogs and kids, unknown with cats.

Elsa- senior boxer mix. Elsa had some tumors that had to be removed from not being spayed when she was younger. She would be perfect for anyone wanting a calm docile dog but still wants to go out and enjoy life. Elsa turns into a young pup with the thought that she is going for a car ride or a walk. She will also run and play with the younger pups just not as long. She is house trained, we do not use a crate with her. She loves to sleep under your covers and right next to you, but she will also sleep on her fluffy orthopedic bed when you need your space.

Nelly-a young lab/hound mix. She had babies and now is looking to find her forever home. She likes other dogs, unknown with cats, and is finally starting to put on some weight YAY. She is house trained and crate trained. She does not make a mess in her crate. Nelly is a wonderful girl who loves to go for walks and car rides. She also likes the water or at least the mud puddles and rain we have had.

Holly- a 1 yr old toy terrier, dingo mix. She came to us pregnant (unknown) and now that her babies are old enough she is ready to find her perfect family. She is playful and young. She knows some basic commands and is crate/house trained. She loves to play with other dogs and loves to give kisses to all the kids. We are unsure with cats.

Hera a young shepherd mix. Hera came to us with her babies in tow and a deadly disease. We have beat the disease and made it in our past. Now we are on to bigger and better things like a forever home. Hera is a little skiddish like she will run and hide when she is scared, but loves to be outside and in your face loves. Hera is not that fond of a crate (she was a stray) but is getting more and more used to it everyday. She is starting to get the hang of the dog door but will have an occasional accident when her foster mom forgets that she doesn’t use said door and doesn’t get her out in time.

Each of them are heart worm negative or been treated, are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, been dewormed, and have a microchip. Their adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in one please fill out the application versus emailing us the information. Rescue policy is that we have an application on file. We are located in Muskegon, MI

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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